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Penis Enlargement , How Possible Is It In Nigeria

Penis Enlargement and Premature Ejaculation For Nigerian Men Just Got Easier…”

Dear Friend,

Imagine This Scenario…

How will you feel if you discovered a NATURAL method that could give you a BIG rock solid dick, making you give your wife electric orgasm that will make her scream your name?

How will you feel if every woman you have sex with always call you a sex...., because when you insert you rock hard dick in her & even last longer than 20 mins, she will call you her “hero”?

How happy will you feel if you could last longer than 5 mins and save yourself the embarrassment of being called a “one mins man”?

How happy will you be if you could replace your present tiny pencil looking dick with a long solid dick?

Do you know that most Nigerian men have two very disturbing sexual problem that almost has no mainstream medical solution?

Guess Them?                                   
  “Quick Ejaculation & Small Penis!”
                                                 My brother, these “two Edged” swords has showed lots of Nigerian men pepper and I don’t even want my worst enemy to ever experience the kind of embarrassment.

I’ll advice  you do the right thing and find a permanent solution to these annoying sexual problem.
So how can you “Cure” these two annoying sexual problems?

Take the tested and trusted way 

Handsome Up  for Increasing the Size of your manhood.

Do you have Small Penis?
Never worry brother,  as Handsome Up will help you end your trouble.

It is time to take charge of your manhood and end your frustration and embarrassment for good.
It has no side effect :

Your wife will respect you more and always be super exited whenever you hit her about sex, because you have a very manly penis.

The more reason you have to get yours today.
How much will it cost You?

Just N10,000 ONLY

How About Premature Ejaculation?
I discovered that the problem of Small penis and Premature Ejaculation usually go hand in hand, so that’s why I made an intensive research and a medical practitioner so that you’ll will have the best cure for premature ejaculation ever.
Good News is I have found it!


REVIVE is a premature Ejaculation killer which every man who don’t last long on bed need to get it ASAP.

A lots of my happy clients have used it and testified to it’s IMPACT.

REVIVE effectively relieves you of your premature ejaculation and other erections difficulties caused by physical or psychological factors.

You can super charge your sexual life with JUST  2 capsules of REVIVE as a dose twice in a week but in serious cases especially people suffering from diabetes or on HBP drugs 4 capsules once a week will do.

The action of REVIVE starts within 3 or 4 hours and stay active in your body afterwards.

REVIVE is made of a pure herbal ingredients produced to boost male sexual performance.

The main use of REVIVE is to improve sex appeal, increase reflection of nerve condition. With revive, you enjoy bigger and harder erections and that’s good because whats  the usefulness of a python looking penis that can’t get hard for long time? 

WARNING: You must not use  REVIVE every time you want to have sex, but with 2 capsules weekly, you will be able to gain hard lasting erection and prevent premature ejaculation whenever you desire to have sex no matter how frequent!

REVIVE is safe to use. You’ll gain erection when you are ready to have sex, no matter how frequent it is. You’ll be sexually active and ready to fire anything anytime.

You Are Covered as NAFDAC Approves REVIVE and even advice men to use it to make their wives happy.

REVIVE the Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Killer will cost you JUST N18,000

If you were to get the 2 products to enhance your sexual life individually,

You’ll have to buy Grand Xtra Large Dietary Supplement for Increasing the Size of your manhood for N8,000.

Then REVIVE the Ultimate Premature Ejaculation killer for N18,000

So both of them will cost you N28,000
But we are running a promo.

So you can get Both Handsome Up PLUS REVIVE for JUST…

N20,000 only!

But you’ll have to act really fast because I have only 20 slots available, and as soon as they are sold out I’ll increase the price back to N26,000.
So better get your slot today because this offer is available for just..

5 Working Days! 
So in other to  show you how real this is and how it can help you to be finally become a real man you are actually  are, and get the absolute respect you deserve from your partner, I have asked my shipping company to ship this  total 2 in 1 solution to you  without having to pay to any of our company account.

As soon as you see this supplements, you can pay the delivery man.

This is what we call Cash on Delivery.
Here's How to Pay On Delivery

Since you know that we have two products that we are selling on this website.

You can pay for either of the 2 products at the retail price you saw on them.

But if you are going to get both of them. You only have to pay N20,000 instead of N26,000 the best part is that we will also give you free shipping, the cost is on us!

Is this offer not interesting I guess so!
Are you ready to lay your hand no these 2in1 solution?

If your answer to that question is a resounding “YES” then send an email to

The title of your email should be....

Request for Handsome Up and REVIVE the premature ejaculation Killer.

Here are the information that you need to send to me
1. Your full name.

2. Name of the product. If you are going for the two products, you need to name it or if you are going  for only one product. you need to name it.

3. Your address... This is where our courier will send your product to.

Note. Your home address must be easy to locate. so that our dispatcher will find it easy  to locate you

4. Your phone number.

Send the above information to: or by SMS To 08066246626(SMS ONLY) and our sales team will get back to you by email or contact you with a phone call...

Once we receive your details, our  courier company  will bring the supplement to your address in 2 - 5 days.

Thanks for reading and I am so happy to be of help to solve your bedroom palaver

To contact us with your questions, send an email to:
You can also call us on 2348066246626

(calling time: Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm only)

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